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How To Choose the Right Marketing Tactics to Attract New Dealers & Connect with Your Existing Ones

Posted by Sean Shepherd on Oct 3, 2016 12:38:26 PM

With new marketing trends and technologies appearing seemingly every day, it is increasingly difficult for manufacturers to wade through the deluge to determine which tactics would be most beneficial to implement. This is especially true when you're trying to attract more quality dealers and connect better with existing ones.

We hear many of the same questions over and over from our clients: Should we switch solely to digital? If not, which traditional marketing tactics should we keep employing? Which digital tactics should we be using?

Avoid the mistake of thinking tactically first. Instead, think strategy.

Ask yourself, what do my dealers need and want to know? Where do they live and play? What about my company resonates with them? Where and how do we add value to their businesses and lives?

These questions are particuarly difficult when manufacturers apply them in the context of marketing to potential and existing dealers.

The B2B relationship is much different from that of their B2C relationship at the retail level.

Your dealers have much different aspirations, needs, and interests (within the scope of their business) and you need to consider these before deciding upon which marketing tactics are right for you.

To help you create a useful framework for making these decisions, I've included a great article by Lisa Shepherd on how you should go about creating your B2B dealer marketing strategy...

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Two Reasons Why Manufacturers Should View Their Dealers As Partners

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Aug 17, 2015 4:15:26 PM


There are many factors that influence manufacturers’ success in the marketplace. They include value of the brand name, innovative products, quality and performance, operational excellence, and strategic marketing and sales initiatives. All of these factors are important, but it is imperative for manufacturers to treat their dealers as partners so that they can foster a highly engaged manufacturer-dealer relationship.

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Competitive Advantages of Local Marketing for Manufacturers

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Jul 27, 2015 4:57:16 PM



Local marketing generally refers to the marketing techniques used by a firm in any industry to market itself to the area in which it operates. It involves using tactics to support local dealers to supplement the broader strategic marketing initiatives of the manufacturer. There are many benefits of implementing a marketing strategy that is localized to add value for both manufacturers and their dealers.  

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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Generate More Leads For Their Dealers

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Jul 23, 2015 12:57:04 PM


Cold calling, print advertising and trade shows are tedious, expensive, and really hard work. They require a lot of time, money, and face-to-face communication to help capture the interest of prospective consumers.  Thankfully, there are new ways to attract qualified leads and convert them to customers without wasting your most valuable resources: time, money and talent.

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The Foundations of Local Marketing Online - Part 1: Introduction

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Jun 12, 2015 10:27:00 AM

There’s a lot of buzz in sales and marketing circles today about the idea of local marketing online. There have been countless discussions, blog articles, and even the emergence of some very high profile companies around this concept. But it remains very much an opaque subject to many, both inside and outside the marketing world. However, at Nucleus Strategies we believe this move towards local marketing online is inevitable, highly desirable, and represents an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers as never before.

 Most importantly, we believe that consumers already expect brands to communicate with them at the local level online. Unfortunately, most brands are blind to these expectations.


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5 Keys to Building a Co-Op Marketing Program That Works

Posted by The Nucleus Team on May 5, 2015 10:47:15 PM

For years, manufacturers have used co-op marketing programs as an incentive to enhance dealer loyalty and offset their dealers’ advertising and promotional costs. Well designed, executed, managed, and evaluated, co-op marketing programs will significantly increase dealer engagement, create loyalty, enhance brand equity and increase sales. Conversely, co-op marketing programs that are stale, difficult to administer, and unable to generate leads will result in dealer apathy for co-op programs.

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Why Co-Op Marketing Programs Are Important For Manufacturers

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Mar 4, 2015 3:37:45 PM


In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers must seek innovative ways to attract, engage and retain their dealers.  In the past, companies used to rely on nebulous differentiators like product quality and service, or more definitive drivers like price and discounts, but now all of these things simply aren’t good enough for today’s savvy dealers.

In an age where distribution has evolved to value added retailing, dealers are expecting more, and it is important for manufacturers to give dealers what they need to grow their businesses.  Dealers are seeking the experience, expertise, and financial support of their manufacturers’ co-op marketing programs to help them grow and promote their businesses at the local level.  In exchange for this support, dealers are prepared to reward manufacturers by making them their supplier of choice, providing their loyalty and increasing their sales.

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Why Co-op Marketing Programs are Essential for Manufacturing Marketing

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Feb 24, 2015 3:04:36 PM

Most manufacturing companies have, or have had, a co-op marketing program. They are usually leftover from a previous age – pre-Internet or early-Internet, before smartphones and Google changed the world.

They usually follow the same structure – the dealer sells the product and the manufacturer provides some related dollars (1% of gross sales, for example) to put towards marketing both the dealer and the manufacturer in the local region. This is typically done through co-branded ads in traditional mediums such as radio, print and TV.

This type of arrangement worked quite well in the previous age, but doesnt fare too well in todays environment where traditional media is increasingly less relevant, nearly impossible to trace ROI, and expensive when compared to online channels.

Given these circumstances, it is easy to understand why these co-op programs are becoming more and more underutilized and ineffective, year over year. They seem to be irrelevant, as the buyer’s decision is now made far sooner and far outside the reach of traditional media.

This is why many manufacturers have decided to cancel their co-op programs.

This is a huge mistake.

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What's Wrong With Co-op Marketing? A Guide for the Manufacturing Sector.

Posted by The Nucleus Team on Feb 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Traditional co-op marketing programs aren't working. As much as 75% of co-op programs are underutilized and ineffective because most of your dealers do not have the expertise, time, or resources to create and execute compelling marketing campaigns.

Your business is too important to be left to chance. Many manufacturers are making the costly mistake of leaving the people with the least capability, competency, or capacity to make important marketing decisions at the closest point of purchase. This makes it extremely difficult to control consistent brand messaging, quality and visibility at the dealer level.

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